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Welcome to the OnTerra MapSavvy WMS Service

This service provides access to Bing Maps base data such as ortho imagery, road data and hybrid layers (road + ortho) in Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) - Web Mapping Service (WMS) format. This service works in conjunction with any WMS capable application. Currently this service supports WMS 1.3.0 and 1.1.1 standards, and primarily using web Mercator projection. We are working to make sure we can correctly support the majority of WMS enabled applications. If you have any feedback or issues email us at: wms@onterrasystems.com.

Bing Maps Aerial (Ortho) Imagery Bing Maps Aerial w/ Labels (Hybrid) Bing Maps Road Data

Follow these steps to be part of the OnTerra MapSavvy WMS for Web Maps program.

Step 1: Register
All users need to register to be part of the program. Users can register using our Registration Page.

After successful registration and validating your account, you will receive the OnTerra WMS for Web Maps URL and access details.

Step 2: Add the Service to your Application
Once you receive the URL to the service and the token, you will need to configure your WMS enabled application to connect to the service. Below is an example of accessing the service using a free open source viewer called Gaia from The Carbon Project www.thecarbonproject.com

Step 3: View Bing Maps data
After adding the WMS URL (with the token) to your WMS application, you should be able to see data and pan/zoom around. Remember Bing Maps supports 19 zoom levels, so if you cannot see anything try zooming in a few times.

Step 4: Provide Feedback
If you have any feedback, issues or questions, please email wms@onterrasystems.com

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